Partial Estate Clean Out or Buy Out Service

Many times when dealing with over stuffed estates, packed houses or full storage units, there is often a lot of good saleable stuff that has value, but there is still some trash to haul away. The Partial Estate Clean Out or Partial Estate Buy Out, we will make an offer and deduct our trash fees. Sometimes it’s a split so we can just take it all for free, or sometimes, you end up with some cash for your stuff, and we haul the junk away too. Either way, when choosing Common Cents Resale for any estate service, we always do our best to look at each situation and offer a number of options or estate services.

Proud to support Hospice of Dubuque with a percentage of our sales.

Services We Provide

Complete Clean Out Service

Many times we offer this service if there is a bunch of trash or stuff that really isn’t worth trying to resell or donate. We charge according to how much time, manpower, and the disposal fees involved.  We also try and give options with all our services, estate clean outs, estate buyouts or any combination of estate services you may need. We can help you figure out which service or services best suit your situation.

Free Consultation Service

No matter what kind of stuff you want to get rid of, we promise to advise our clients to the best of our ability. We are knowledgeable in liquidating entire estates, general merchandise, antiques and much more.

Complete Buy Out Service

We are always looking for good quality merchandise. We buy entire estates, full storage units, utility sheds, Pods, full garages, and more.  The Estate Buy Out option often saves time in the long run and many times will end up being the easiest and fastest way to liquidate an estate without having to have an estate sale which sometimes may not be an option in certain areas.

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